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What do Thai call foreigners?

What do Thai call foreigners?

Whether it’s said by a waitress in a restaurant, by a stranger on the street or by a colleague in a place of work, there’s no avoiding it – if you’re a white tourist, you’ll be called a farang – the Thai word for foreigner.

What are some common phrases in Thailand?

Basic Thai Phrases

  • Hello – Sawadee khrup/ka.
  • Yes – Chai (khrup/ka)
  • No – Mai (khrup/ka)
  • Maybe – Aaj ja (khrup/ka)
  • Thank you – khop khun (khrup/ka)
  • Sorry/excuse me – Khor thoad khrup/ka.
  • Where is the restroom– Hong nam yoo tee nai khrup/ka?
  • I need a doctor- Phom dong gaan hai mor maa raak sa khrup/ka.

What does Na Rak mean in Thai?

1. Narak (น่ารัก) Narak is a way to say cute in Thai language. You can use this word to describe most of the things that you think that they are cute – from dresses, animals, persons, personality and so on. The word has a wide reach so you don’t have to worry about overusing it.

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What does farang kee nok mean?

“farang kii nok” is a kind of small guava with pinkish flesh. “kii nok” means bird’s droppings as the fruit is grown thanks to birds. The word is originally used to refer to Thais who act like they were White men. Some Thais may take it to mean westerners in general.

What is the meaning of Firangi?

Filters. (India, UK, Pakistan) A foreigner, especially a British or a white person. noun.

What does Nok mean in Thai?

Farang khi nok (Thai: ฝรั่งขี้นก, lit. ‘bird-droppings Farang’), also used in Lao, is slang commonly used as an insult to a person of white race, equivalent to white trash, as khi means feces and nok means bird, referring to the white color of bird-droppings.

What does Mak Mak mean in Thai?

aroi mak mak means delicious in Thai.

What is Phom Rak Khun?

Royal Thai General System. phom rak khun. [example sentence] definition. “I love you.” [spoken by a male, somewhat formal]

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What is Suay mak mak?

สวยมาก (suay-mak) – This is “very beautiful.” —

What does Aroy Dee mean?

Thank you
Aroy-dee. Thank you. Kop-khun. Kop-khun-kha for women and kop-khun-krub for men. Thank you very much.

What does Falang mean in Thai?

The word in this case is likely ‘farang’ (ฝรั่ง) and means Caucasian or white people. However, you may find that most people will use it to refer to all foreigners, no matter where they are from or whether they are living in Thailand or just visiting.

What does MB mean in Thailand?

Translation of MB – English–Thai dictionary short for megabyte or megabyte. เมกะไบต์

What does Tang mean in Thailand?

The first part of the phrase comes from the English word for mouth. Tang is an everyday slang term for money. It is derived from the word satang, a unit of Thai currency. While many people know that Thailand uses the Thai baht, you may not know that one baht is further split into 100 satangs.

Are You struggling to keep up with Thai slang on social media?

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There are always new Thai slang phrases popping up on social media and it’s difficult to keep up with them all. As language learners, it can be harder for us to notice every time a new useful word or phrases appears on the internet so it’s a good idea to keep an eye out.

What does เว่อร์ mean in Thai slang?

If you know both เป๊ะ and เว่อร์, you can probably guess the meaning of this Thai slang. เป๊ะ means “exactly” while เว่อร์ (wer) comes from (over) in English. However, เว่อร์ in Thai is used to mean something like “over the top.” เป๊ะเว่อร์ means completely or exactly perfect.

What is “cute” in Thai slang?

These Thai slang for “cute” can be a little confusing as which one is best to use depends on the situation. It tends to be used by girls when talking about stuff that looks really cutesy like if there was a tiny cute stuff rabbit attached to a keychain. ฟรุ้งฟริ้ง (frung-fring) is also often used a lot when referring to a nice camera.