What does it mean if someone calls you an open book?

What does it mean if someone calls you an open book?

Definition of an open book : a person or thing that is easy to learn about and understand My life is an open book. I have nothing to hide.

Is being an open book a bad thing?

There is nothing wrong with being either an open book or a private person.

What does it mean when someone is not an open book?

something or someone that is easy to know about because nothing is kept secret.

Why is my life an open book?

It means that you are not secretive or private about your life. It is easy for people to get to know you.

What is a closed book person?

Definition of a closed book : a person or thing that is difficult to understand Even to his closest friends, he was always something of a closed book.

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Whats the opposite of an open book?

What is the opposite of open book?

closed book conundrum
puzzle enigma
mystery riddle
secret puzzlement
mystification why

Is it good to be private?

Keeping your personal life private allows you to form more genuine bonds with your friends and family and only allow a small circle of people you trust into your world. It’s better to share and connect with a few people who truly care than do the same with a big audience that doesn’t.

Why is someone a closed book?

How do you become an open book of life?

Live the Life Like an Open Book

  1. Not Many Secrets: Don’t carry a ton of secrets, not about you, not about anyone else.
  2. Be open to the people who are with you: Be as transparent as possible to the people around you.
  3. Be genuine: If you smile you mean it, if you are angry, mean it.
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Is an open book a metaphor?

This metaphoric expression is often expanded to read someone like an open book, meaning “to discern someone’s thoughts or feelings”; variations of this metaphor were used by Shakespeare: “Read o’er the volume of young Paris’ face,” ( Romeo and Juliet, 1:3) and “O, like a book of sport thou’lt read me o’er” ( Troilus …

Why would someone be a closed book?

What does closing the books mean?

What is “Closing the Books”? In accounting, the word “books” refers a company’s record of financial transactions. The term “closing the books” refers to an accounting procedure that happens at the end of each month or designated company period, and at the end of each year.