What does solidification mean?

What does solidification mean?

1 : to make solid, compact, or hard. 2 : to make secure, substantial, or firmly fixed factors that solidify public opinion. intransitive verb. : to become solid, compact, or hard. Other Words from solidify Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About solidify.

What is solidification give example?

Solidification is the process of transformation of liquid into solids. Example of solidification is freezing od water, solidification of melted candle wax, hardening of lava.

What is the solidification process?

Solidification is the process of transformation of a liquid to a solid. It is the basis of casting technology, and is also an important feature of a number of other processes including welding, surface alloying, crystal growth, ingot production, materials purification and refining.

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What is solidification in chemistry class 9?

The phenomenon of change of liquid to solid is called solidification. For instance, formation of ice from water.

What is solidify in science?

to make solid; make into a hard or compact mass; change from a liquid or gaseous to a solid form.

What is solidify in chemistry?

solidification in Chemical Engineering Solidification is the process when a molten liquid becomes a solid. In the solidification of water to ice without sublimation, there is an increase in volume. The temperature fell slowly during the cooling until solidification of the melt began to take place.

What is liquid to solid called?

Freezing occurs when a liquid is cooled and turns to a solid. This is called freezing and occurs at the same temperature as melting. Hence, the melting point and freezing point of a substance are the same temperature.

What are the two stages of solidification?

Two stages of solidification? Nucleation & Growth. Nucleation occurs when stable particles of solid form from within the molten liquid.

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What is diffusion in science class 9?

Diffusion- The mixing of a substance with another substance due to the motion or movement of its particles is called diffusion. It is one of the properties of materials. The diffusion of one substance into another substance goes on until a uniform mixture is formed.

What does solidification mean in the rock cycle?

Solidifying is another term to describe the cooling and crystallization of magma as it forms a new igneous rock.

Does gas have mass?

Gases have mass. The space between gas particles is empty. Gases can be formed as products in chemical reactions. Gas particles can form bonds between them under certain conditions.

What does solidification mean in chemistry?

Solidification, also known as freezing, is a phase change of matter that results in the production of a solid. Generally, this occurs when the temperature of a liquid is lowered below its freezing point.

• SOLIDIFICATION (noun) The noun SOLIDIFICATION has 1 sense: 1. the process of becoming hard or solid by cooling or drying or crystallization. Familiarity information: SOLIDIFICATION used as a noun is very rare.

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How does solidification occur?

Solidification or crystallization occurs when atoms are transformed from the disordered liquid state to the more ordered solid state, and is fundamental to metals processing.

What is supercooling and why does it occur?

Supercooling is when a substance is temporarily cooled below its freezing point without becoming a solid. This occurs when heat is removed from a liquid so rapidly that the molecules do not have enough time to align themselves in the ordered structure of a solid.