What does the phrase bear down mean?

What does the phrase bear down mean?

intransitive verb. : to exert full strength and concentrated attention. bear down on. 1 : emphasize. 2 : to weigh heavily on : burden.

Which episode is bear down for midterms?

Analysis of Cork-Based Networking
Episode no. “Analysis of Cork-Based Networking” is the sixth episode of the fifth season of Community, and the 90th episode overall in the series. It originally aired on January 30, 2014 on NBC; and is written by Monica Padrick and directed by Tristram Shapeero.

What episode was fat dog for midterms?

“Fat Dog” was first heard in the Season Five episode “Analysis of Cork-Based Networking.”

Where does the expression Bear Down come from?

The first sense of this expression, to weigh down upon, dates back to the 1600s. The third sense, meaning to rapidly approach is more recent, and only originated in the 1700s. This third meaning comes from nautical origins, as in a ship bearing down upon a smaller ship, or a storm bearing down upon the sailors.

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What does Bear Down mean in football?

The term “Bear Down” refers to the Chicago Bears fight song which is played after every touchdown the team scores. The fight song was written and composed by Jerry Downs (real name Al Hoffman) in 1941.

What is a fat dog called?

Pudge or Pudgy. Pugsley. Roly Poly – (or Roly or Poly singular) Stocky. Tubby.

Is bloodlines of conquest real?

“Bloodlines of Conquest” is a parody of the popular George R. R. Martin’s novel series “A Song of Fire and Ice” which was adapted by HBO into the TV series “Game of Thrones”. Most “Bloodlines of Conquest” information mentioned on Community are related in some way to “Game of Thrones”. Game of Thrones logo.

What dogs are fat?

Here’s a list of the most commonly overweight dog breeds with a few helpful tips for each to prevent canine obesity.

  • Labrador Retrievers. Intelligent and veracious, Labrador retrievers are often listed as one of the fattest dog breeds.
  • Bulldogs and Pugs.
  • Bassett Hounds and Beagles.
  • Dachshunds.
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Who used Bear Down first?

The Wildcats’ website tells the story of “Bear Down,” the phrase uttered by football and baseball star John “Button” Salmon on his deathbed in 1926. Before this football season, the UA wants to make that page the top choice when one searches “Bear Down” on the Internet.

Why does Arizona Wildcats say Bear Down?

BEAR DOWN FOR LIFE In 1926, John Byrd “Button” Salmon, our student body president and quarterback, was critically injured in a car crash. His last words to his coach were, “Tell them … Today, this simple two-word phrase is a rallying cry that embodies the spirit of our university.

Who started Bear Down?

No former Wildcats athlete has left a more-permanent mark than Salmon, who, according to legend, gave football coach J.F. “Pop” McKale in 1926 a message for the team after being critically injured in an automobile crash. “Tell them,” Salmon said, “tell the team to bear down.”