What happened to KISSmetrics?

What happened to KISSmetrics?

What happened to kissmetrics.com? On their twitter they claim to have sold it to neilpatel.com. Instead it’s now kissmetricshq.com.

What is KISSmetrics?

KISSmetrics is a powerful web analytics tool that delivers key insights and user interaction on your website. It defines a clear picture of users’ activities on your website and collects acquisition data of every visitor. KISSmetrics helps in improving sales by knowing cart-abandoned products.

How can I drive traffic to my Neil Patel website?

To make them particularly effective, consider these strategies:

  1. Show your most recent post. If you don’t mind updating your signature once a week, consider including the top post from that week.
  2. Encourage a share. Instead of a link to your most recent post, you can include a link to share the post.
  3. Sell a product.

How rich is Neil Patel?

Neil Patel Net Worth 2021

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Net Worth: $30 Million
Born: 24th April 1984
Country or Origin: Britain
Source of wealth: Digital marketing expert, blogger, angel investor
Last updated: 2021

How much does Kissmetrics cost?

Kissmetrics Pricing for Ecommerce

Annual Agreement SILVER $299/mo Billed Annually Request Demo MOST POPULAR Gold $499/mo Billed Annually Request Demo
Monthly Tracked Users 10k 25k
# User Seats 3 10
# Domains tracked 1 3
Populations 10 20

Who founded Kissmetrics?

Neil Patel

Who uses KISSmetrics?

Who uses KISSmetrics? 373 companies reportedly use KISSmetrics in their tech stacks, including Accenture, ebay, and Twilio.

How much does KISSmetrics cost?

How do I get thousands of visitors to my website?

With that, here are 27 ways to drive traffic to your website:

  1. The “Upside Down” Guest Post.
  2. Overhaul & Upgrade Old Blog Posts.
  3. Use “Click to Tweet” Links.
  4. Optimize Your Content With LSI Keywords.
  5. Get More Traffic From Your Blog Posts With “Content Transformation”
  6. Go On Podcasts.
  7. Promote Your Site With Blogger Outreach.
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Is Neil Patel is Indian?

5. Neil Was Born in London and Raised in California. Neil was born on April 24, 1985 in London, England. His parents moved to Orange County, California when he was two years old.

What company does Neil Patel own?

Neil Patel is co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics. He helps companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom grow their revenue.