What is an example of nucleation?

What is an example of nucleation?

Nucleation is the process where droplets of liquid can condense from a vapor, or bubbles of gas can form in a boiling liquid. For example, sugar crystals growing on a string is an example of heterogeneous nucleation. Another example is the crystallization of a snowflake around a dust particle.

What are the different types of nucleation process?

There are two types of nucleation namely the homogeneous or spontaneous nucleation and heterogeneous nucleation. This phenomenon happens when nuclei are formed perfectly in a clean solution where there are no any foreign particles.

What is a nucleation in biology?

In the process of folding of a protein, the rate-limiting formation of the first elements of secondary or tertiary structure around which the remainder of the protein subsequently folds.

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What is a nucleation event?

A nucleation event is the process of condensation or aggregation (gathering) that results in the formation of larger drops or crystals around a material that acts as a structural nucleus around which such condensation or aggregation proceeds.

What is another word for nucleation?

In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for nucleation, like: recrystallisation, crystallisation, crystallization, solidification, gelation, interfacial, exsolution, diffusional, diffusion, non-radiative and dopant.

What’s the meaning of nucleated?

having a nucleus
Definition of nucleated 1 : having a nucleus or nuclei nucleated cells. 2 usually nucleate : originating or occurring at nuclei nucleate boiling.

What is heterogeneous nucleation?

Heterogeneous nucleation involves the introduction of a foreign phase or surface, typically the nucleating agent, for the crystal to grow on.

What is another word for seeding?

What is another word for seeding?

planting sowing
implanting instilling
growing raising
enrooting inseminating
inculcating breeding

What is nucleated in geography?

Nucleated settlements are towns where buildings are close together, often clustered around a central point. The location of a nucleated settlement can be determined by a range of factors, including being easy to defend, close to a water supply or located at a route centre.

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What is homogenous and heterogenous nucleation?

Homogeneous and heterogeneous nucleation are the two major forms of nucleation. The difference between homogeneous and heterogeneous nucleation is that homogeneous nucleation occurs away from the surface of the system whereas heterogeneous nucleation occurs at the surface of the system.

What is secondary nucleation?

Secondary is the nucleation which occurs, irrespectively of its mechanism, only because of the presence of crystals of the material being crystallized. When no crystals are present no nucleation occurs.

What is an antonym for seed?

seed. Antonyms: issue, result, birth, product, development, offspring, fruit. Synonyms: spring, origin, cause, germ, embryo, root.