What is it like to live in Jerome AZ?

What is it like to live in Jerome AZ?

Living in Jerome offers residents a suburban rural mix feel and most residents own their homes. In Jerome there are a lot of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. Residents of Jerome tend to lean conservative. The public schools in Jerome are above average.

Is Jerome AZ worth the drive?

In addition to its shops and historic sites, Jerome is worth visiting for its scenery: it’s built into the side of Cleopatra Hill, and from here you can see Sedona’s red rocks, Flagstaff’s San Francisco Peaks, and even eastern Arizona’s Mogollon Rim country.

Is Jerome AZ Safe?

Considering only the crime rate, Jerome is safer than the Arizona state average and as safe as the national average.

What is special about Jerome AZ?

Jerome was the largest producer of copper, gold, and silver in Arizona simultaneously in the 1920s before the mines closed in 1953 and it became the largest ghost town in the west. The Jerome Historical Society Mine Museum provides a great look at the details of this unique community.

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What is the cost of living in Jerome Arizona?

Jerome cost of living is 118.6

COST OF LIVING Jerome Arizona
Overall 118.6 102.2
Grocery 97.5 96.1
Health 115.1 95.2
Housing 164.9 107.8

Do people live in Jerome Arizona?

Jerome is a city located in Yavapai County Arizona. With a 2020 population of 451, it is the 90th largest city in Arizona and the 13758th largest city in the United States . Spanning over 1 miles, Jerome has a population density of 522 people per square mile.

How do I spend a day in Jerome AZ?

20 Best Things to Do in Jerome, Arizona

  1. Jerome Historical Society Mine Museum. © Jerome Historical Society Mine Museum.
  2. Audrey Headframe Park. © Courtesy of Benjamin –
  3. Gold King Mine Museum and Ghost Town.
  4. Caduceus Cellars, Jerome, AZ.
  5. Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery.
  6. Raku Gallery.
  7. Sliding Jail.
  8. Powder Box Church.

What is there to do in Jerome AZ for free?

  • Caduceus Cellars. 259. Wineries & Vineyards.
  • Audrey Headframe Park. 159. Parks.
  • Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery. 145. Art Galleries.
  • Sliding Jail. 131.
  • Cleopatra Hill. Geologic Formations.
  • Raku Gallery. Art Galleries.
  • Holy Family Church. Historic Sites • Churches & Cathedrals.
  • La Victoria Studio, Tracy Weisel artist. Art Galleries.
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Why is Jerome a ghost town?

When gold was discovered in Jerome, miners, gamblers and bad boys of the old west flocked here. Saloons and bawdy houses were the entertainment after a hard days work. When gold and copper deposits dwindled, Jerome AZ became a veritable ghost town with about 50 residents that stayed behind.

What happened in Jerome Arizona?

Jerome was always rebuilt. In 1918 underground mining phased out after uncontrollable fires erupted in the 88 miles of tunnels under the town. Open pit mining brought dynamiting. The hills rattled and buildings cracked… the surface began to shift and sections of the business district slid downward.

Where does Jerome AZ get its water?

ten mountain springs
Jerome manages its own water system, sourced by ten mountain springs.

Who owns the Jerome Grand Hotel?

Ghost hunting has become a fad — popularized by paranormal television shows such as “Most Haunted” — and the boom is felt keenly in Jerome. “Most hotels are down 20-30\% in the area,” said Bob Altherr, Debra’s husband and co-owner of the Jerome Grand Hotel with his brother, Larry.

What should I know before moving to Arizona?

With that said, here are four things everyone should know before moving to Arizona. 1. Learn Gun Safety Rules Arizona has plenty of serene and peaceful spots, but it isn’t all sunshine and canyons. This state is ranked 12th in violent crime and 16th overall in gun violence.

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Should you drink more water when you move to Arizona?

If you’re coming from a state with a moderate climate and decent humidity levels, you should be prepared to make an adjustment towards drinking more fluids throughout the day. If you’re not a huge water drinker now, chances are you’ll become one when you move to Arizona.

What is it like to live in Arizona?

Arizona is an interesting state with an abundance of natural beauty and a bustling economy. From the vast, scenic expanses of the Grand Canyon to the sprawling city life of Phoenix, it’s easy to see why this is one of the 10 fastest-growing states in the U.S.

Should you buy a gun before you move to Arizona?

Thus, before you move to Arizona, if you plan on owning a gun for your own protection, it would be wise to shop around for some holsters for guns and take gun safety classes. 2. Stay Hydrated Arizona is also known for its blistering heat and lack of humidity, which leads to dangerous weather conditions during the hottest months of the year.