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What is love answer Nepali language?

What is love answer Nepali language?

माया (maya) is the unconditional love. It is also the love a mother feels for her child, or the true love that a human feels for another human. It is the love that never falters and is never selfish. The verb ‘To love’ which incorporates ‘maya’ is ‘माया गर्नु’ (maya garnu) in Nepali.

What is I Love You in Nepal?

To say I love you in Nepali you can simply say “Ma Timilai Maya Garchu.” Here I mean “Ma” love means “Maya,” and you mean “Timi.” Likewise, “Garchu” stands for doing something which works here as an objective in Nepali grammar to close the sentence.

What does Muji mean in Nepali?

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Muji is a swear word which means pubic hair in Nepali.

What does jatha mean in Nepali?

For example, the word ‘jatha’ originally means ‘Pubic hair’ but it has turned into a derogatory term for a man. Like most gender specific words, it also has a female counterpart ‘jathi’. Calling someone ‘jatha buda’ or ‘jathi budi’ indicates you hate those old people them very, very much. Don’t call anyone that.

What is love explain in one word?

1 : a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person motherly/maternal love fatherly/paternal love See More Examples. Hide. 2 : attraction that includes sexual desire : the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship a declaration of love He was just a lonely man looking for love.

What is I love you in Bodo language?

@samudra_mojo. “I love you” in bodo language is “Ang nwngkhou mwjang mwnw”

How do you say love in Bhutanese?

And, how to say I love you in Bhutan? Let say nga gi che lu ga which means I love you in Bhutan.

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What does Mampakha mean?

Mampakha sunk-ka chowa. Shut up.

What is girl in Nepali?

English to Nepali Meaning :: girl Girl : केटी

What do you mean by Jhata?

Definition of jatha : an armed band or organized company especially of Sikhs.

What is the most romantic word?

LONDON (Reuters Life!) – “Amour”, the French word for love, has been voted the most romantic word in the world in a pre-Valentine’s Day survey of language experts. It narrowly beat “amore”, the Italian word for love, although Italian was named the world’s most romantic language.