What is meant by the term transverse in physics?

What is meant by the term transverse in physics?

transverse wave, motion in which all points on a wave oscillate along paths at right angles to the direction of the wave’s advance. Surface ripples on water, seismic S (secondary) waves, and electromagnetic (e.g., radio and light) waves are examples of transverse waves.

What is meant by transverse section?

Transverse Section Definition A transverse section is a cross-sectional part that is achieved by cutting the body or any part of the body structure in real or with help of imaging techniques in a horizontal plane. A transverse section divides the plane across the body of a plant, tissue, organ, or animal.

What do you mean by Traverse?

1a : to go or travel across or over. b : to move or pass along or through light rays traversing a crystal. 2 : to make a study of : examine. 3 : to lie or extend across : cross the bridge traverses a brook. 4a : to move to and fro over or along.

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What does a transverse direction mean?

Literally, “across,” usually signifying a direction or plane perpendicular to the direction of working. In rolled plate or sheet, the direction across the width is often called long transverse; the direction through the thickness, short transverse.

What is transverse wave Class 9?

Transverse wave is one in which individual particles of medium move about their mean position in a direction perpendicular to the direction of wave propagation. When a transverse wave travels horizontally in a medium,the particles of medium vibrate up and down in vertical direction.

What is longitudinal in science?

longitudinal wave, wave consisting of a periodic disturbance or vibration that takes place in the same direction as the advance of the wave. Sound moving through air also compresses and rarefies the gas in the direction of travel of the sound wave as they vibrate back and forth.

What is longitudinal and transverse section?

Longitudinal section runs through the anterior posterior axis, whereas the transverse section goes between lateral ends. Usually, the number of possible transverse sections is higher than the number of possible longitudinal sections to be made through an organ or organism.

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What does transverse mean in biology?

transverse. lying or being across, or in a crosswise direction; athwart; often opposed to longitudinal.

What is the difference between Traverse and transverse?

As adjectives the difference between traverse and transverse is that traverse is lying across; being in a direction across something else while transverse is situated or lying across; side to side, relative to some defined “forward” direction.

What is Traverse in biology?

What is front transverse?

Definition of ‘transverse engine’ In front-wheel drive cars with a transverse engine, the front of the engine usually points towards the right-hand side of the car.

Is transverse vertical or horizontal?

The transverse plane or axial plane (also called the horizontal plane or transaxial plane) is an imaginary plane that divides the body into superior and inferior parts. It is perpendicular to the coronal plane and sagittal plane.

What is the function of the transverse process?

Transverse process is a small bony projection off the right and left side of each vertebrae. The two transverse processes of each vertebrae function as the site of attachment for muscles and ligaments of the spine as well as the point of articulation of the ribs (in the thoracic spine).

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What is the past tense of transverse?

Here’s the word you’re looking for. Answer. The past tense of transverse is transversed. The third-person singular simple present indicative form of transverse is transverses. The present participle of transverse is transversing. The past participle of transverse is transversed.

What is the medical term for transverse?

The word transverse indicates dysfunction at a particular level across the spinal cord, however this term may be misleading as there is not always complete anatomical damage across the cord, but rather focal inflammation that may produce asymmetric spinal cord dysfunction below the level affected while function above such level is normal.

What does transversally mean?

Definition of transversal. : a line that intersects a system of lines.