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What is the benefit of modicare?

What is the benefit of modicare?

Modicare will provide a shot in the arm for the healthcare sector, increasing the insurance cover per family by over 1500\% from Rs. 30,000 under the extant Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY), to Rs. 5 lakh.

How much do you earn from modicare?

Average annual salary in Modicare is INR 6.9 lakhs.

Is joining modicare good or bad?

Good things of modicare Modicare is a good marketing company. His product quality is good. This company gives jobs unemployeed pepoles. Bad things of modicare High product pricing, thats why every peoples are not use products.

How do you make money with modicare?

8 areas of income:

  1. Savings on consumption UPTO 20\%.
  2. Retail Profit UPTO 20\%.
  3. Accumulative Performance bonus: 7\% to 22\%.
  4. Director Bonus: 14\% POOL*.
  5. Leadership Productivity Bonus: 15\% POOL*.
  6. Outbound Travel Fund: 3\% POOL*.
  7. Dream Vehicle Fund: 5\%POOL*.
  8. Dream Home Fund: 3\% POOL*.
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What is the rank of modicare in India?

Modicare has also been ranked 5th among India’s 50 Great Mid-size Workplaces by Great Place to Work® Institute for second consecutive year.

What are the disadvantages of modicare?

The Problem with Modicare

  • Transfer of Wealth: The biggest criticisms being leveled against Modicare is that it is not economically viable.
  • Lack of Funding: Another major problem with Modicare is the lack of funding that the government has in place to fund a program of this magnitude.

Does modicare give car?

when we reach at 22\% and 1 downline also reaches at 22\% then travel allowance approved. when we reach at 22\% and 2 downline also reaches at 22\% then car allowance approved….Modicare Plan.

BV \% every purchase generate BV
30025-67524 13\%
67525-1,12,524 16\%
1,12,525-1,50,024 19\%
1,50,025- 22\% Director bonus begin here

Is modicare good for earning money?

Modicare is one of the top network marketing companies with a very good Modicare business plan and it deals with manufacturing a large range of products based on health care, personal care and wellness. It is a direct selling company that started the business of direct selling in India.

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Which modicare product is best?


Soul Flavours Active Rice Bran Oil (Pouch) MRP : Rs 185 Well Noni Juice Concentrate MRP : Rs 500
SteriClean Powerful Disinfectant Cleaner Original MRP : Rs 110 SteriClean Powerful Disinfectant Cleaner Original MRP : Rs 138
Fruit of the Earth Coconut Oil MRP : Rs 235 Well Multivitamin Multimineral MRP : Rs 410

Is modicare business profitable?

Retail profit is the first income of this company. This is the income that the customer gets from the company after purchasing the product. Now if you want, you can sell that product for 150 rupees and you can earn a profit of 50 rupees.

What is the rank of modicare in World 2021?

This recognition also comes close on the heels of Modicare Limited being recognized at rank 5 among India’s Best Mid-size Workplaces 2021 and at rank 30 among the 100 Best Small & Medium Workplaces in Asia 2021 by Great Place to Work®.

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Which is the best MLM company in India 2020?

  • Amway: Amway (short for “American Way”) is an American multi-level marketing company that sells health, beauty, and home care products.
  • Herbalife Nutrition.
  • Oriflame:
  • Vestige:
  • Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited:
  • Forever Living Products:
  • Avon Products:
  • Modicare.