What is the contract period in merchant navy?

What is the contract period in merchant navy?

Maritime professionals usually have a contract with a shipping company. The contract period can last from 4 – 9 months depending on the rank and type of ship. After you sign a contract with a shipping company, you will be asked to board the ship from a convenient port on the ship’s sailing route.

How many years can we work in navy?

If you decide to pursue your career in the Navy for 15 years as a sailor or 20 years as an Artificer or 20 years as an Officer, you qualify for a life-long pension.

How many days leave in merchant navy?

Individuals who opt for a career as a merchant navy have to join back the ship once their leaves are finished. Generally, they get twenty days of leave for every one month they have served on the ship. For six months, they might serve four months on the ship and will get two months of compensatory leave allowance.

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Is merchant navy job permanent?

No, the Merchant navy is not a permanent job. Since most of the shipping companies work on a contract basis.

Do seafarers earn a lot of money?

The International Transport Workers’ Federation says a typical able seafarer may work around around 263 hours a month (40 hours a week plus 103 hours of overtime). That gets you an average hourly rate of around US$2.33 (roughly A$3.11 in Australian dollars).

Is merchant navy salary tax free?

The salary of a resident seafarer or merchant navy personnel will be taxed as per the Indian Income Tax Law. There are no income tax exemptions for merchant mariners/ seafarers.

Is swimming necessary for merchant navy?

No. It is not compulsory that swimming must be to join merchant navy. You must have completed your graduation in B.Sc(Nautical Science) or Marine Engineering from a recognized university. Various Shipping companies offer job in Deck Department , Engine Department , Service Department etc.

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Is merchant navy a bad job?

Merchant navy is a lucrative career option and for the person who follows all the necessary steps needed to be primarily taken, it is one of the best career options of today’s times. However, as with every field, there are few drawbacks attached to this as well.

What are the ranks in a ship?

The “ranks” that make up the ship’s team include:

  • Master.
  • Chief Mate (also called Chief Officer)
  • Second Mate (also called Second Officer)
  • Third Mate (also called Third Officer)
  • Deck Cadet.
  • Chief Engineer.
  • Second Engineer.
  • Third Engineer.