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What is the difference between Bmsit and Bmsce?

What is the difference between Bmsit and Bmsce?

Bmsce have better placement than bmsit . Salary in bmse is 4lpa lower and 16lpa higher while in bmsit it is 3 lpa lower and 12 lpa higher. Taking about branches so basically it is on your interest. If you are more interested in cse than go for it and vise versa.

Is Bmsit good for placement?

Placements: Bmsit is an above average institute, so do not expect placements like IITs. But it’s offers very good placements in its range, as compared to other similar colleges. Almost all students get placed, and with a decent starting salary. Some get placed with exceptional salaries too!

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Is Bmsit a good college Quora?

BMSIT has one of the best academic curriculum in India and it follows the IIT pattern for its exams and syllabus. The teaching in the college is no doubt the best and literally 100\% attendance is observed in the lectures.

How are placements in Bmsce?

Placements: Around 92\% of the students are placed among our classes. CET rank starting from 1000 are placed in our college. Around 5\% of the students got internships. Over 150 companies started recruitment in our college.

Is Bmsit better than Dsce?

Answer. DSCE is better in every aspect than BMSIT.

Which is better Bmsit or Nmit?

The competitions we are talking about are the ones that develop student’s engineering skills. If you are into college festivals or activities similar to that, BMSIT has a consistent bad reputation when compared to NMIT. On the other hand if you consider the faculty, BMSIT is much better than NMIT.

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Is Bmsit good for CSE?

It has its own placement cell, which helps students to prepare for placements. Overall, the college is quite good for placements, especially in computer science and information science branches. Satisfied with teaching, good placements in 2020, decent campus.

Is Bmsit good for engineering?

Established in 2002, the LNMIIT Jaipur has been ranked second in Rajasthan among private Engineering institutes by Education World (2021), ranked third in private Engineering colleges with best placements by India Today (2021) and ranked fifth in private Engineering colleges (North Zone) by The Week (2020).

Is Bmsit autonomous from 2021?

There are no information available when will BMSIT become Autonomous. Till now BMSIT is a private NAAC A accredited college affiliated by Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi .

Is Bmsit autonomous Quora?

Is BMSIT autonomous? – Quora. Yup, Starting from the academic year 2021–22, BMSIT has been granted Autonomous status for ten academic years.

How is BMSCE for ECE?

Placements: BMSCE has a very good placement record, average of 90\% + are placed every years. McKinsey, Volvo, Intel, Mercedes, Schneider electric etc. Are the top companies apart from 200 others. Almost 70\% student have got internships, like Deloitte, KPMG, GoldMan Sachs, and many more top colleges.

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What is the difference between BMSCE and BMSIT?

BMSCE comes in the top tier colleges and is autonomous whereas BMSIT its sister institute is mid-tier.

Is BMSIT Bangalore a good college?

PESU, RV, BMSCE, MSRIT are all the top colleges in Bangalore which are autonomous. They’re quite good. BMSIT, MVIT are some of the colleges under VTU. Personally we’d rank BMSIT as the top 5th in Bangalore, after the 4 autonomous colleges mentioned at the start.

Is BMSIT an autonomous college?

No. Bmsit isn’t an autonomous college, but its mother institute BMSCE is autonomous and quite prolific.