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What is the most preferred job in SSC CGL?

What is the most preferred job in SSC CGL?

The best posts under SSC CGL exam are:

  • Income Tax Inspector.
  • Assistant Section Officer.
  • Central Excise Inspector.
  • Assistant Audit Officer.
  • Public Finance – K K Andley and Sundaram.
  • Assistant Enforcement Officer.

Which post should I choose in SSC CGL?

SSC CGL Exam is one of the top Exams and highly demanded Jobs at the central level….SSC CGL Post Preference | Post Priority For Male and Female Applicants.

Post Name SSC CGL Post Preferences (Male) SSC CGL Post Preferences (Female)
Auditor (C&AG) 24 4
Auditor (CGDA) 25 24
Auditor (CGA) 26 25
Tax Assistant (CBEC) 27 1

Which post is best in SSC CGL for money?

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Name of Posts Ministries/Departments Grade Pay(in INR)
Assistant Section Officer Ministry of External Affairs 4600
Armed Forces Headquarters 4600
Income Tax Inspector Central Board of Direct Taxes 4600
Inspector (Central Excise) Central Board of Excise and Customs 4600

Which post is best in SSC CGL for female?

which post is best for ssc cgl for girls

  • Assistant Audit Officer (CAG)
  • Assistant in Ministry of External Affairs.
  • Assistant in Ministry of Railway.
  • Assistant in Central Vigilance Commission.
  • Assistant in AFHQ.
  • Assistant in Intelligence Bureau.
  • Assistant in other Ministries.

Which SSC posts have uniform?

Preventive CBEC Officer A white uniform is compulsory for Preventive Officer (P.O.). Posting is done on seaports and airports. Preventive Officers get posted in one of the 6 customs zones i.e. Chennai, Cochin, Kolkata, Mumbai, Goa, Vishakhapatnam.

Is there promotion in SSC CGL?

Employees will be promoted as: Inspector => Deputy Superintendent => Superintendent => Senior Superintendent. 1st promotion after minimum 5 years. 2nd promotion after 10-12 years. 3rd promotion after 5-7 years.

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Is Central Excise inspector a uniform job?

Excise Inspector doesn’t have to be behind the smugglers; he is Preventive Officer (PO) who is supposed to do this job. An Excise Inspector if posted at such places has to be in the uniform all through his duty period normally; but needs not wear the uniform when is posted at other areas.

What is the job profile of an SSC CGL assistant?

The SSC CGLAssistant [Intelligence Bureau] job profile will have work which is data-oriented work (90 percent computer work) in the intelligence bureau. The candidates opting for this post will have their postings at state headquarters in IB cell (if there are vacancies) or the candidate may directly get posted in Delhi.

Can SSC CGL jobs get you transferred anywhere in India?

SSC CGL jobs can get you transferred anywhere and everywhere in India as per the extant policy of the government in this regard. The highlights of the policy are: Allotment of a zone or circle in the beginning: In most of the SSC CGL posts, you are allotted a particular circle in the beginning.

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How many posts are there in SSC CGL?

As one can see, there are about 49 posts in SSC CGL. we can divide them into two categories, Interview posts (4600 and 4200 GP) and non interview post (2800 and 2400 GP). Although there is no interview taken for any post of SSC CGL.

Can I get a home post in CGL?

In CGL, you can not get the home posting by choice. Almost all department asks state preferences after your final selection. States are allocated according to the ranks secured by aspirants. No. of Posts available in your home state. If there are some, fill only those posts.