What percentage of Fiitjee Students get into IIT?

What percentage of Fiitjee Students get into IIT?

IIT-JEE’ 2006 was no different with 452 out of top 600 FIITJEE Classroom Program students qualified from Delhi Centres alone (75.33\% Success Rate). A.I.R. – 1, 3, 6, 7, 10; 50 in Top 100 & 251 in Top 500 Ranks secured by FIITJEE students from various programs.

Does Fiitjee prepare for JEE mains?

Best way to prepare for a career in Engineering is a holistic preparation in JEE (Advanced) & JEE (Main) and Other Engineering Entrance Exams in a synchronized manner. FIITJEE’s One Year Classroom Program for JEE (Main), 2021 is specifically suitable for such wise Students.

Is Fiitjee only for engineering?

We are the only institute whose Students do well not only in JEE Main & Advanced but also in XII Boards & Other Engineering Entrance Exams.

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Is Fiitjee online or offline?

FIITJEE e-School is the best alternative of our offline courses – effective and powerful. If you cannot join an offline classroom program, live online classes are the best resort. Our Live online classes are much effective and take place in an optimum batch size.

What does FIITJEE stand for?

Forum For Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination
FIITJEE: Forum For Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination.

Is FIITJEE stressful?

With FIITJEE, students can get access to good study material, personal attention, tailored mentoring and, most importantly, a stress-free environment. Right from school, most students are clear about what they want – cracking IITJEE and other competitive exams.

Is FIITJEE entrance exam tough?

Answer. Fiitjee’s entrance exam is extremely tough.. when I gave mine in class 10.. they gave inquiries from 11 12 material science . for instance they had attractive impact of current and I was so nave and “bhole bhala” that I felt that there would be no requirement for any additional exertion..

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Does FIITJEE have hostel?

The centre provides hostel facilities for the Students coming from out station towns and cities. These facilities are located in the vicinity of the South Delhi Centre. They are available at reasonable rent and provide Students a secure environment along with all basic conveniences.

Does Fiitjee have hostel?

Is Fiitjee entrance exam tough?

What does F stands for in Fiitjee?

FIITJEE: Forum For Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination.

Who is the CEO of Fiitjee?

Samiran Datta
FIITJEE’s LCEO is Samiran Datta. FIITJEE’s key executives include Samiran Datta and 1 others.

Are all program options available at all the FIITJEE centres?

Note 1: FIITJEE reserves the right to start all options or any one option depending upon the circumstances. Note 2: Not all program option are available at all FIITJEE centres. The schedule of classes may vary from one study centre to another. Kindly contact your nearest FIITJEE centre for more details.

Why fifiitjee early edge is the best option for JEE?

FIITJEE’s early edge programs are designed to give serious students that extra advantage that can help them get a top rank in JEE (Main & Advanced). Gives you more time to adapt to the quantum jump in level of difficulty with better ease as there is more time for understanding and consolidation over a longer spread academic plan.

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Can IQ be taught in FIITJEE Classroom program?

For Class VI Students (going to Class VII in 2022) on joining FIITJEE Classroom Program or Live Online Classroom Program the following early joining academic benefits will be provided. IQ cultivation Classes will be held. As such IQ can’t be taught, it can be cultivated with structured Classroom activities among Students of high IQ.

Does FIITJEE 2021 prepare you for JEE Main & JEE Advanced?

The student’s best of the 2021 NTA Scores will be considered for preparation of Merit List/ Ranking. (as per JEE Main website FIITJEE prepares you for JEE Main & JEE Advancedin a Pattern Proof Mode.