What process is used to break down macromolecules?

What process is used to break down macromolecules?

Hydrolysis. Polymers are broken down into monomers in a process known as hydrolysis, which means “to split water,” a reaction in which a water molecule is used during the breakdown (Figure 3.1. 2).

What molecules break down nucleic acids?

The nucleic acids DNA and RNA are found in most of the foods you eat. Two types of pancreatic nuclease are responsible for their digestion: deoxyribonuclease, which digests DNA, and ribonuclease, which digests RNA.

Where are macromolecules broken down in the body?

Digestive Enzymes of Small Intestine and Pancreas: The small intestine and the pancreas both produce a variety of digestive enzymes that are responsible for breaking down the many macromolecules found in the small intestine.

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Which macromolecule breaks down by enzymes?

Proteins are broken down by the enzymes pepsin and peptidase, and by hydrochloric acid. Lipids are broken down by lipases. Breakdown of these macromolecules provides energy for cellular activities.

What is removed during the formation of nucleic acid polymers?

The phosphates remain part of polymer and answer di amino acids don’t actually have anything to do with the formation of nucleic acid. So the correct answer again is be that hydroxide groups are removed and the dehydration synthesis reaction that joins two nucleotides together to form a polymer.

What reaction breaks down polymers?

hydrolysis reactions
Polymers are broken down into monomers via hydrolysis reactions, in which a bond is broken, or lysed, by addition of a water molecule.

Where are proteins broken down?

Once a protein source reaches your stomach, hydrochloric acid and enzymes called proteases break it down into smaller chains of amino acids. Amino acids are joined together by peptides, which are broken by proteases. From your stomach, these smaller chains of amino acids move into your small intestine.

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Which process breaks down nucleic acids into nucleotides?

In genetic engineering, breaking down DNA at specific sites is done with the use of enzyme restriction endonuclease. Nuclease is also called nucleo depolymerase. The breakdown of nucleic acid into nucleotides is done by cleaving the phosphodiester bond which is present between the nucleotides in the nucleic acids.

How are nucleic acids broken down?

Nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) in foods are digested in the small intestine with the help of both pancreatic enzymes and enzymes produced by the small intestine itself. Pancreatic enzymes called ribonuclease and deoxyribonuclease break down RNA and DNA, respectively, into smaller nucleic acids.

What process breaks down nucleic acids into nucleotides?

What are the monomers that make up proteins called?

For example, proteins are composed of monomers called amino acids. They are linked together to form a polypeptide chain, which folds into a three dimensional (3D) structure to constitute a functional protein (Figure 1).

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Is carbon removed from nucleic acids?

It, uh, carbon is not removed. Both the sugar and the nitrogen is based Have a lot of carbon in them. But, uh, this carbon is not removed during this.