What rank is required for IIT Kanpur CSE?

What rank is required for IIT Kanpur CSE?

JoSAA 2020 IIT Cutoff for CSE: Opening & Closing Ranks for Round-1

Institute 2020 (round-1) 2019 (Final Round)
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur 231 217
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur 284 283
Indian Institute of Technology Madras 157 188
Indian Institute of Technology Mandi 2533 2693

What should I do to get into IIT Kanpur?

IIT Kanpur Admission

  1. Students have to appear and qualify JEE Advanced and then they have to register and participate for JOSAA counselling.
  2. Once students participate in the counselling they have to give the preference of the college and submit the required documents.
  3. Once the seat is allotted get the documents verified.
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Which IIT will I get with 600 rank?

As you have mentioned that you have secured 230 marks in jee advanced and taking into consideration that you are expecting a rank of 600 do definitely you should go ahead with iit bombay.

What is the highest package of IIT Kanpur?

IIT Kanpur Placement 2021: “The highest packages so far are USD 274,250 for international and Rs. 1.2 crore for domestic,” the release mentioned

  • IIT Kanpur Placement 2021: 940 Offers Received Till Day 4, 1.2 Crore Highest Domestic Package.
  • IIT Kanpur-Backed Company To Help Karnataka Government Develop Blockchain Network.

Does IIT Kanpur accept JEE Main score?

Tech admissions at IIT Kanpur, candidates are required to appear for both JEE Main as well as JEE Advanced examination and participate in the JoSAA counseling for the final seat allotments. IIT Kanpur B. Tech program costs INR 2.15 Lakhs/ year which is 4th among the highest fees offered amongst all IITs.

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What is the salary of IIT topper?

Package of students in top IITs usually ranges from Rs 10-20 lakh per annum whereas, for other IITs, it is between Rs 5-10 lakh per annum. The highest salary package offered in the top IITs is usually above Rs 1 crore whereas, in other IITs, the annual CTC lies between Rs 30-70 lakh.

How many times is admission made in IIT Kanpur?

Admission is made once a year. A candidate is required to take Common Admission Test (CAT) Examination held in December. Advertisement is released next day of declaration of CAT result. For the detailed procedure in this regard, visit Department of IME, IIT Kanpur.

Why choose CSE at IITK?

The department runs BTech, MTech, MS and PhD programs and is engaged in cutting edge research with sponsored projects and consultancies. Many of the nation’s leading experts, educationists and consultants in computer science today are the alumni of this department. Giving to Your Alma Mater — CSE@IITK has initiated a major fund raising drive.

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How is the MBA programme at iaiit Kanpur?

IIT Kanpur recognised for its excellence in engineering and science education has made a strategic move with the introduction of the MBA programme that is slated to become the best in management education. Admission is made once a year. A candidate is required to take Common Admission Test (CAT) Examination held in December.

How is Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur for MS by research?

Senate of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur recently approved a new postgraduate academic programme called “Master of Science (MS) by Research” in the following disciplines: Chemical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Environmental Engineering and Management; Mechanical Engineering; and Photonics Science and Engineering.