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What type of song form is Light My Fire?

What type of song form is Light My Fire?

Psychedelic rock baroque
Light My Fire

“Light My Fire”
Genre Psychedelic rock baroque pop acid rock
Length 7:06 (album version) 2:52 (single version)
Label Elektra
Songwriter(s) Jim Morrison Robby Krieger John Densmore Ray Manzarek

Who sang Light My Fire originally?

José Feliciano
Light My Fire/Artists

How long is the solo in Light My Fire?

Before it was released, The Doors were an underground band popular in the Los Angeles area, but “Light My Fire” got the attention of a mass audience. On the album, which was released in January 1967, the song runs 6:50. The group’s first single, “Break On Through (To The Other Side),” reached just #126 in America.

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When did Light My Fire hit number 1?

“Light My Fire,” which earned the top spot in the Billboard Hot 100 on July 29, 1967, transformed The Doors from cult favorites of the rock cognoscenti into international pop stars and avatars of the ’60s counterculture.

Why was Light My Fire banned?

The song got them banned from Ed Sullivan When it came time to film the live version of the song Morrison sang the song’s original lyrics. Sullivan was so angry that he didn’t shake Morrison’s hand after the song and the band was told that they’d never perform on the Sullivan show again.

Why did Jim Morrison hate Light My Fire?

Morrison allegedly indicated in his personal notebooks that he didn’t care for the song at all and absolutely hated performing it, something which was backed up when one unlucky fan requested the track during a fateful performance.

Who is the lead singer of The Doors?

Jim Morrison
The Doors/Lead singers

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Who Sing don’t speak?

No Doubt
Don’t Speak/Artists

When was Light My Fire by The Doors released?

Light My Fire/Released
“Light My Fire,” now whittled down to just short of three minutes, was released as a single on April 24, 1967. The slimmed-down version of the track was an instant hit, climbing up the charts before finally peaking at #1 over the week of July 29, 1967.

What year did Jose Feliciano record Light My Fire?

Vocalist and guitarist José Feliciano experienced significant international success, when he released his version of “Light My Fire” in 1968 as a single on the RCA Victor label….José Feliciano[edit]

“Light My Fire”
Single by José Feliciano
Released 1968
Format 7″ single
Genre Soft rock

When did light my fire come out by the doors?

Light My Fire/Released

Why did the doors get banned from Ed Sullivan?

On this day in 1967, The Doors get booted from The Ed Sullivan Show after refusing to change an offending song lyric. Soon, a producer for the show asked the band to change the lyrics to their second track, modifying the line “girl, we couldn’t get much higher” to “girl, we couldn’t get much better”.