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Where I can kiss in Thane?

Where I can kiss in Thane?

Here is the list of best places for couples in Thane:

  • Upvan Lake.
  • Ovalekar Wadi Butterfly Garden.
  • Suraj Water Park.
  • Korum Mall.
  • Kelva Beach.
  • Talao Pali Lake.
  • Elvis Butterfly Garden.
  • Kachrali Talav.

What is special in Thane?

Top Attractions in Thane

  • Upvan Lake. 401. Bodies of Water.
  • Mahuli Fort. Historic Sites. By iamprincejain.
  • Naneghat Hills. Mountains. By priteshkulkarni.
  • Titwala Ganesh Mandir. 181. Religious Sites.
  • Korum Mall. 293. Shopping Malls.
  • Butterfly park – Ovalekar Wadi. Nature & Wildlife Areas.
  • Kelwa Beach. 114.
  • Tikuji-ni-wadi. 257.

What is Thane known for?

Thane, is known as City of Lakes. It is also known as Elder sister of Mumbai (Bombay) as Thane district was divided and part of Thane district that is from Mulund to Sion was given to Mumbai for its future development. Also Mumbai is heavily depend on Thane for water supply from Lakes. Today Thane city area is 147 sq.

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What is ghodbunder famous for?

“Ghodbunder Road at one time used to be the lone road passing by the side of dense Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The road used to pass through China creek which was also famous for film shootings. The original name of creek is Chena Creek.

Where can couples go for privacy?

  • Get to know each other at these Places to Visit in Bangalore for Couples.
  • Lal Bagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore.
  • Cubbon Park, Bangalore.
  • Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore.
  • Lumbini Gardens, Bangalore.
  • Bangalore Palace, Bangalore.
  • Nandi Hills, Bangalore.
  • Ulsoor Lake, Bangalore.

Which place is best for couples?

Romantic Places In India

  • Jaisalmer.
  • Udaipur. Udaipur has many beautiful places to see.
  • Munnar. Lush Green Rolling Hills In Munnar.
  • Alleppey. Go for a Walk in Alleppey at Night (source)
  • Coorg. Coorg, Karnataka.
  • Kovalam. Kovalam Beach.
  • Pondicherry. Paradise Beach, Pondicherry.
  • Havelock Island. The Havelock Island.

How Thane got its name?

The word ‘Thane’ is derived from local Marathi word “ठाणे” meaning “Police Check Post”. Thane was the next Major British Police Check Post after Mumbai (formerly Bombay). The name Thane has been variously Romanised as Tana, Thana, Thâṇâ, and Thane.

How many beaches are there in Thane?

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41 Beautiful Beaches Near Thane.

Is Thane safe for girls?

However, many parts of the city are unsafe for women in Thane and this is reflected by the number of registered crime cases which have increased since last year. Incidents of sexual assault, rape, molestation of small girls have increased. Moreover, a total of 2,739 molestation cases were filed.

Is Thane a city or town?

Thane (Marathi: [ˈʈʰaːɳeː]) is a metropolitan city in Maharashtra, India. It is situated in the north-eastern portion of the Salsette Island.

Which fort is there in Thane?

Ghodbunder Fort is a fort located in Ghodbunder Village, Thane, Maharashtra, India, on the hill just south of the Ulhas River. It was built by the Portuguese, occupied by the Maratha Empire, and became the East India Company’s district headquarters.

Which is the main crop of Thane?

Rice is the main crop of the district. Rice is grown in all the talukas of the district but mainly in Palghar, Bhiwandi, Murbad, Shahapur, Vada, Vikramgad and Dahanu.

What are the best places to visit in Thane at night?

Popularly known as the City of Lakes, Thane is home to some of the most beautiful lakes in the country and one such popular lake is that of Masunda Talao. It is one of the biggest lakes and ideal places to visit in Thane at night.

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Which is the best amusement park in Thane?

Sargam Water Park and resort in Thane is a perfect amusement park for a short weekend getaway. Located amidst natural mango orchards, this amusement park has plenty to serve to their visitors.

Why Tansa lake is the best place to visit in Thane?

If you want to spend your holiday in the company of nature, Tansa Lake is one of the best places to visit in Thane where you can unwind in fresh atmosphere. The popularity of Tansa Lake as a weekend getaway is on a rise with locals and tourists making their way to this picturesque site.

Why should you visit Talao Pali lake in Thane?

The isolated location of the lake ensures regular sightings of endangered species of animals and birds, making it a must-visit destination for wildlife lovers as well. If you enjoy water sports, Talao Pali is an excellent place for you and your family in Thane. It also popularly known as Masunda Lake.