Which are the enable pins for 3/8 decoder?

Which are the enable pins for 3/8 decoder?

The device takes 3 input data and converts it to 8-bit data. This chip is high used in decoding in memory to minimize the effect of decoding. The chip includes three enable pin, three input pins, and 8 output pins.

How many enable pins are present in IC 74138?

We take the popular 3 to 8 decoder Integrated Circuit 74138. The Integrated Circuit is of 16 pins.

What is the function of Enable pin in a decoder?

A decoder circuit takes multiple inputs and gives multiple outputs. A decoder circuit takes binary data of ‘n’ inputs into ‘2^n’ unique output. In addition to input pins, the decoder has a enable pin. This enables the pin when negated, to make the circuit inactive.

What is the role of Enable pin a multiplexer and decoder IC?

In general, enable pin in multiplexers, de multiplexer, decoder and encoder ensures the functioning of the hardware ie “enables” the function of the logic circuit.

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What is the purpose of 74LS138 IC?

What is a 74LS138 IC? This IC is mainly used in de-multiplexing applications with the help of an enable pin like a data input pin. And also the inputs of this IC is clamped with Schottky diodes which are the high performance to contain line ringing as well as system design simplify.

What is 74LS138?

74LS138 is a member from ’74xx’family of TTL logic gates. The chip is designed for decoding or de-multiplexing applications and comes with 3 inputs to 8 output setup. 74LS138 is used in de-multiplexing applications by using enable pin as data input pin.

How many 74LS138 decoders are required to generate CS signals?

The 74LS138 requires 12ns to decode. The 8088 runs at 5MHz and only allows 460ns for memory to access data. A wait state adds 200ns of additional time.

How many of enable inputs is are active low in 74xx138 3 to 8 decoder?

combination. Decoder also has three extra active-low inputs. display of leading and trailing zeros.

Which pins are used as extension pins in IC 74138?

IC 74138 Pin Diagram

  • The pin no. 8 and 16 are the ground and Vcc respectively for the power input.
  • There are a total of three input pins(pin no. 1, 2, 3). They are denoted by A0, A1, A2.
  • There are three enable input pins E1, E2, E3(pin no. 4, 5, 6).
  • Pin no. 7 and 9 to 15 are the output pins.
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How many input pins select pins and output pins are there for a 16×1 multiplexer?

16×1 Multiplexer We know that 8×1 Multiplexer has 8 data inputs, 3 selection lines and one output. Whereas, 16×1 Multiplexer has 16 data inputs, 4 selection lines and one output. So, we require two 8×1 Multiplexers in first stage in order to get the 16 data inputs.

What is the role of enable input?

What is the function of an enable input on a multiplexer chip? Explanation: Enable input is used to active the chip, when enable is high the chip works (ACTIVE), when enable is low the chip does not work (MEMORY).

How many of enable inputs is are active-low in 74xx138 3 to 8 decoder?

How many active pins does a 74ls138 IC have?

The enable pins are two active low & one active high. The output of the decoder can drive 10 low-power Schottky TTL equal loads, and all the inputs are defended from harm because of static discharge with diodes toward VCC as well as the ground. This article discusses an overview of 74LS138 IC: 3 to 8 Line Decoder IC. What is a 74LS138 IC?

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What is 74ls138 and how it works?

74LS138 is used in de-multiplexing applications by using enable pin as data input pin. Also the chip inputs are clamped with high-performance Schottky diodes to suppress line-ringing and simplify system design. 74LS138 is a sixteen pin device as shown in pin diagram and we will describe the function of each pin below.

How many inverters are required for 74ls138 32-line decoder IC?

In the case of the 32-line decoder IC will require one inverter. 74LS138 uses enable pins as data input to the input decoder, without enabling pins active the data won’t be able to decode. 74LS138 is designed with Schottky diodes which helps to suppress line-rigging and it makes the design simple. Pin no 1,2,3 will be used as input pins.

What is the ICIC 74ls138 used for?

IC 74LS138 is designed especially for some high-speed works like memory decoders and data transmission systems. It comes up with three enable pins that simplifies the device for inputs from cascading and data reception problems.