Which is better MnC or CSE?

Which is better MnC or CSE?

MNC nowadays is not less than CS, most of the same subject are taught under cse and mnc and placement of mnc are the second best after cs. If you you have interest in the field of CS and know will be dedicated towards the subject throughout your engineering period, I believe CS will be better out of the options.

Why IIIT Delhi has high fees?

The reason why the fees is high is because IIITD is a self-sustained and has a government lease, which it has to repay. Therefore, being self sustained and having to fund construction, maintenance, equipment and salaries are fees naturally is high.

Is BITS Pilani better than IIIT Delhi?

BITS pilani has a better brand value than IIIT Delhi. Both colleges have faculties mostly from IITs. IIIT is an IT oriented institute and offers only the streams CSE, ECE and CSAM whereas BITS pilani offers a lots of stream including mechanical,civil, chemical.

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Is IIIT Delhi is good?

It has great teachers, placements and facilities, but it has a little free time and a small campus. Placements: Placements provided at IIIT Delhi are among the best in the country. More than 98\% of the students got placed from the B. Tech of computer science, and more than 94\% of the students got placed from the B.

Is maths and computing a good branch?

However, it is also considered to be among the best courses offered by the IITs, and offers various kinds of opportunities in the areas of software, finance and research.

Can I get scholarship in IIIT Delhi?

Scholarship 1 – For those eligible for the Delhi Government Merit cum Means scholarship scheme must apply on their portal as per their schedule. Failure to apply for the Delhi Government scheme makes them ineligible for IIITD Income linked fee waiver.

Is there any scholarship in IIT Delhi?

Yes, the students of IIT Delhi are offered various scholarships by donors and the institute itself such as Merit Cum Means scholarships and research assistance to help the students meet their finances.