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Which is correct would be or will be?

Which is correct would be or will be?

‘Will be’ is used in situations of certainty and possibility. ‘Would be’ is used in most imaginary situations. ‘Will be’ is used to describe actions that are still in practice, whereas ‘would be’ is used to talk about habits that once were regular but are no more in practice.

Will be coming or would be coming?

Depends on what it is preceded or followed by. Yet, “I will be coming” is apt. “I would be coming” is correct when preceded or followed by a condition. For instance, “I would be coming if they had invited me.”

Would it be okay if I came or come?

“Will it be OK if I come?” is a grammatically correct sentence. “Will it be OK if I came?” is not. However, you can make it correct by changing “will” to “would,” like this: “Would it be OK if I came?”

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When we can use would?

‘will’ and ‘would’

  1. We use will:
  2. would is the past tense form of will.
  3. We use will to express beliefs about the present or future:
  4. We use would as the past of will, to describe past beliefs about the future:
  5. We use would as the past tense of will:
  6. We use I will or We will to make promises and offers:

Will be better VS would be better?

1 Answer. They are not the same. “It would be better to” is a suggestion for improvement or a criticism but “It will be better to” is an explanation of or a justification for a decision already taken.

Is it correct to say we would?

We use would as the past of will, to describe past beliefs about the future: I thought we would be late, so we would have to take the train.

Would usage examples?

The Many Uses of ‘Would’ in Everyday Speech, Part 1

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Uses of ‘Would’ Example
Reported speech Anita said that she would bring the drinks.
Present unreal conditionals (imaginary situations) I would move to Japan if I spoke Japanese.
Repeated past actions When I was little, I would play hopscotch with my friends.

Would it be OK if sentences?

This is a good, friendly way to ask for permission to do something. You can use this phrase when asking for permission from a boss, a teacher, a parent, or anyone who has authority over you. Hey, would it be OK if I take this Friday off? My son has a soccer game that I wanted to attend.