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Which magazine is best for CAT preparation?

Which magazine is best for CAT preparation?

You may read the editorial of any major national english daily such as Hindu, Indian Express, Economic Times, Business standard, Financial Express, and Business Line. You may also read articles in magazines such as the economist, the week, frontline.

Which newspaper should I read for MBA?

The Hindu The Hindu is the first choice of most of the competitive exam aspirants.

How can I prepare for MBA?

How to Prepare for an MBA

  1. Talk to Students and Alumni. Learn from those who’ve gone before you.
  2. Read Books. Much of what you gain from an MBA program is problem-solving and leadership skills, so you may want to build your expertise in those areas by reading up.
  3. Warm Up.
  4. Pick a Concentration.
  5. Mentally Prepare.

Which newspaper is best for IIFT?

Best Study Material for IIFT 2022 – General Awareness Read political magazines and newspapers like The Financial Express which are unbiased. For static topics like history, geography, polity, environment, you can refer to Manorama Year Book or India Year Book.

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What article should I read for my CAT?

To develop your reading skills holistically, it is recommended that you read articles from all the given areas:

  • Philosophy.
  • Economics & Business:
  • Art, Culture & Literature:
  • Science & Technology:

How much time is enough for CAT preparation?

Six months’ time, is considered ideal for preparation for CAT exam. As experts and qualified students claim, to qualify CAT you need to do smart and targeted preparation. CAT is a computer-based exam which comprises of 100 questions. To score a good percentile in CAT, a student does not need to solve all 100 questions.

How do you memorize newspapers?

9 tricks for remembering everything you read

  1. Skim the text first. An anonymous user cites an article by Bill Klemm, Ph.
  2. Take notes on the page.
  3. Ask yourself questions about the material.
  4. Impress, associate, repeat.
  5. Introduce the information to others.
  6. Read out loud.
  7. Read on paper.
  8. Learn unevenly.

Is Mint a good newspaper?

About Us – mint. Mint is one of India’s premium business news publications – 76\% of Mint readers do not read another business paper, making Mint a critical reach vehicle for the top end audience. Mint is the clear No. 2 among business papers in terms of readership.

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Is it easy to crack MBA?

Success comes with consistent dedication and hard work. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to cracking any exam. So, it is better to find ways that you think may help you crack the MBA entrance exams.

What is the cost of the Hindu newspaper?

The Hindu has introduced fee-based subscription for its put its e-paper. It is charging Rs 400 per month for accessing the digital edition of The Hindu.

How much time does it take to read the Hindu?

‘The Hindu’ distinguishes between news and opinion very well. Also, it gives priority to areas of national concern and usually avoids trivial issues/masala items. But reading ‘The Hindu’ completely may require at least 4-5 hours daily.

Which is the best business newspaper for the MBA exam?

Other good business newspapers are economic times, financial times ( especially for stock market enthusiasts) and Hindu business line. Originally Answered: Which newspaper should I read for MBA exam? The Hindu or Economic Times are undoubtedly the best choices.

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What are the best resources to prepare for an MBA?

There are so much stuff that give the edge your MBA preparation such as: The Economist. India Today. Frontline. Through, this you can fetch the information of MBA preparations through the latest content and stats of the government policies etc… But, there is a drawback that you can only eat finite content which is published in Magazines.

What are the best business magazines to subscribe to?

BOOMERANG BUSINESSWEEK This magazine is for those who need to keep track of day to day news especially that is pertaining to business. Apart from business news, in-depth coverage of business world and business events it also includes coverage on financial news and stock advice. 3. WIRED

How to prepare for MBA entrance exams?

Reading newspaper on a daily basis shapes you for your best output during MBA entrance exams. It not only helps you in being aware of all the happenings around you but also helps your Verbal part. While reading newspaper your goal should be to be disciplined and sincere through out the preparation and even after the exams.