Who can defeat Batman in hand to hand combat?

Who can defeat Batman in hand to hand combat?

No one can beat Batman in hand to hand combat.

Can the Joker beat Batman in a fight?

In a lot of alternate universes, and even in the “King Joker” continuity, Joker has gotten the better of batman physically, though only King Joker version of the Joker can take batman in a stand-up fight, other versions of Joker managed to kick or punch Batman while he wasn’t aware.

Is Joker a good hand to hand fighter?

18 BUT ALSO, HE’S A FIGHTER Depending on the writer, The Joker’s hand to hand combat abilities can range from “one punch chump” to “guy whose purpose in life is fighting The Batman.” For example, Joker goes punch for punch with Batman in a collapsing cave in Batman: Endgame.

How many times has Batman defeated the Joker?

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Batman has never killed the Joker in any main continuity storyline, The Killing Joke included. He has, on the other hand, killed him in alternative universe storylines, as well as in Tim Burton’s 1989 movie.

Can Nightwing beat Batman in hand-to-hand combat?

Though Batman could still potentially beat Nightwing in a fight thanks to his extra gadgets and armor, when it comes to straight hand-to-hand skills, Dick Grayson is stiff competition. Bruce Wayne is no pushover by any means, but he trained his partner too well to expect a confrontation to go any other way.

Has deathstroke beaten Batman?

In the comics, he doesn’t. Before Flashpoint, the only time Batman actually beat him in a fight, he won because he had both Robin and Nightwing helping him. In the New 52, a de-powered Deathstroke actually stalemated Batman. Deathstroke wins pretty much every time.

Is Joker good at combat?

I’d say in general he’s a good fighter, but not really much of a martial artist. Batman has remarked multiple times how fast Joker is. Of Course it depends on the story. If it’s in The Dark Knight trilogy he has a certain way of fighting that is unpredictable to Batman and the people who are working for him.

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Has the Joker ever saved Batman?

Batman and the Joker have always been somewhat dependent on one another, and that includes Joker having to saved the caped crusader a few times. This being considered, the Joker has actually saved Batman on more than one occasion. If he isn’t the one to put the Bat over the edge, then no one can.

Which supervillain has killed the most?

The Joker arguably has the largest single body count of any villain in the DCU. Cheshire, Mongul, Black Adam and the Secret Society of Super Villains have all devastated entire cities, but the Joker probably has killed the most people in single acts.

Who is stronger Batman or Nightwing?

He is far more stronger, experienced and intelligent that Nightwing. Plus Batman is always prepared and thinks ahead. Nightwing is strong and a good hero, though Batman would simply beat him.

Is Joker the best at hand to hand combat?

“Joker is a fiend! He can definitely fight hand to hand…and he can sure take a punch. I would say hes the best at hand to hand combat when it comes to Batman villains, due to the fact that he can stand longer in a fight. “.

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Does Batman die at the end of the Joker?

The Joker is eventually defeated but Batman is still haunted by memories of each time he was killed at The Joker’s hands. The Dark Knight interrogation scene played off between The Joker and Batman remains one of the most iconic Joker performances till the date. Heath Ledger didn’t pick up a Posthumous Academy Award for nothing.

Can the Joker beat Penguin Man?

joker always gets pwnd by batman but thats because batman is a trained bringer of pain and destruction, where as joker has not risen to that level of pwness so he can’t compete however he could beat penguin man in a strap.

How many times has the Joker crossed the line with Batman?

Jack Napier, the man who became The Joker (Tim Burton’s Batman onwards) has never missed an opportunity to spar with Batman. It is only because of the magnanimous presence of Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight, that a strong DC cinematic foothold was established. However, the eccentric clown has crossed the line, quite a few times.