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Who is chief arradondo?

Who is chief arradondo?

Medaria Arradondo, the first Black police chief of Minneapolis who led the department amid nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd last year, announced Monday he will not accept a third term.

How long has arradondo been police chief?

Medaria Arradondo, who became Minneapolis’ first Black police chief in 2017 and guided the Police Department through the worst crisis of its 154-year history, announced his retirement Monday.

Who’s the chief of police in Minneapolis Minnesota?

Chief Medaria Arradondo
MINNEAPOLIS — For the first time, Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo spoke out publicly Wednesday against ballot question 2, as Minneapolis voters consider whether to replace the MPD with a new Department of Public Safety.

What ethnicity is Medaria arradondo?

A fifth-generation Minnesota resident of Mexican heritage, Arradondo joined the MPD in 1989 as a patrol officer in the Fourth Precinct and worked his way up through the police ranks until he was named the inspector for the First Precinct.

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Who is mayor of Minneapolis?

Jacob FreySince 2018

Is Mayor Frey married?

Sarah Clarkem. 2016
Michelle Lilienthalm. 2010–2014
Jacob Frey/Spouse

Jacob Frey married his first wife, Michelle Lilienthal, in 2009. They divorced in early 2014. Frey met his second wife, Sarah Clarke, through community organizing in Minneapolis. The couple married in July 2016.

Who is the Mayor of Minnesota?

The people of Minneapolis elected Jacob Frey to his first term as Mayor in 2017.

Who is Jacob Frey’s wife?

Jacob Frey/Spouse

Where is Mayor Frey from?

Oakton, VA
Jacob Frey/Place of birth

Who did Jacob Frey run against?

2017 Minneapolis mayoral election

Candidate Jacob Frey Betsy Hodges
Party Democratic (DFL) Democratic (DFL)
First round 26,116 (25.0\%) 18,915 (18.1\%)
Final round 46,716 (57.2\%) Eliminated
Candidate Tom Hoch

Is mayor Frey married?

How old is Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey?

40 years (July 23, 1981)
Jacob Frey/Age