Who will sit on the Iron Throne at the end?

Who will sit on the Iron Throne at the end?

At the end of the final episode, the Iron Throne has been destroyed – so nobody sits in it. But Bran Stark has become king.

Who has a better claim to the Iron Throne?

You know that Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen have rival claims to the Iron Throne, a fact that’s seemingly going to be quite important during Game of Thrones season 8. But Jon is said to have a better claim to ruling Westeros than his aunt/lover — even though Daenerys’ father was the former king.

Who sits on the Iron Throne at the end of Season 8?

In the one year since the final episode of Season Eight, we now better know what happened to Drogon, Arya, Jon, and others. It was one year ago that millions of fans watched Arya sail off into the unknown, Jon ride into the north, and Bran take his place on the Iron Throne.

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Who sits on the Iron Throne after Joffrey?

List of Kings

Order Monarch Heir
17 Aerys II Targaryen Rhaegar Targaryen Viserys Targaryen
18 Robert I Baratheon Stannis Baratheon (heir presumptive) Joffrey Baratheon
19 Joffrey I Baratheon Tommen Baratheon (heir presumptive)
20 Tommen I Baratheon Myrcella Baratheon (heiress presumptive)

Who kills Cersei?

Cowering in the arms of her twin brother Jaime, Cersei was crushed by a collapsing ceiling in the bowels of King’s Landing. Her demise was inevitable as Daenerys Targaryen and her one remaining dragon, Drogon, charged through the city incinerating everything.

Is Tyrion the last Lannister?

In spite of his death sentence, Tyrion does not die in the Game of Thrones finale. Instead, he manages to talk Jon Snow into assassinating Daenerys and is eventually pardoned by Westeros’ new king, Bran Stark (who is now called Bran the Broken, as if that’s a complimentary title).

Why is John Snow the heir to the throne?

But Jon Snow, who is actually Aegon Targaryen, does have the best claim to the Iron Throne, according to the “rules.” His actual father, Rhaegar, was Daenerys’ older brother. So Jon is the grandson of the Mad King and in the direct line of succession — Rhaegar’s siblings are secondary to his children.

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Why didnt Jon Snow claim the throne?

Why does Jon Snow not get the throne? He has the royal lineage, but he had betrayed his queen (being a king or a queenslayer is considered bad, even by the standards of this murdery show) so he could neither be set free nor killed, lest a war start over either option.

Why was got finale so bad?

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, Game of Thrones showrunners, decided to cut the episode count in their final two seasons from the standard 10 to seven and six as part of a compromise with HBO (which wanted more episodes). This required them to race from plot development to plot development to get to the end.

Why is Ned Stark sitting on the Iron Throne?

Because the king is out hunting, Eddard Stark sits on the Iron Throne while listening to royal petitioners, in his capacity as Hand of the King. He hears a report from a peasant refugee that Ser Gregor Clegane has been raiding villages in the Riverlands.

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Does Sansa get killed?

It wasn’t the brutalization she experienced—it was her survival instincts and cunning that got her through to the end. Which is why Sansa won’t die in the final episode. Yet, Sansa has survived it all. She’s remained strong and outsmarted her enemies in pivotal moments.