Why are two wires used to carry electric current instead of a single one explain in not less than 3 sentences?

Why are two wires used to carry electric current instead of a single one explain in not less than 3 sentences?

For power high wires, they use the difference between them for 3 phase and to ground for single phase. Because the current alternates on the 2 wires. It flows both directions and it takes 2 wires. One carries the current out while the other brings it back to complete the circuit.

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Why do two wires with current flowing in the same direction attract each other and two wires with current flowing in opposite direction repel?

When the currents flow in the same direction the magnetic field will be opposite and the wires will attract. If the currents flow in opposite directions, the electrons will “see” a higher density of electrons in the other wire due to relativistic length contraction. And the wires will repel.

What objects do not allow electrical current to flow?

Materials which do not allow an electric current to flow through them are known as insulators. Materials such as glass, rubber, wood, plastics are examples of insulators.

Why do you need two wires in a circuit?

IN short two wires are necessary because voltage is the difference in charge between two poles. In order for current to flow, there must be a difference in charge between the two poles. The difference between the positive and negative poles is called voltage.

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Why do two parallel wires carrying current in opposite directions repel each other?

The direction of magnetic field on the conductor is determined by Fleming’s right hand rule. Thus, gives us that the direction of magnetic field turns out to be opposite to each other. This results in repulsion of the conductors carrying current in opposite directions relatively and vice versa.

Why does antiparallel current repel each other?

In this case, the directions of both currents are opposite. Let the perpendicular distance between them be d. Applying Fleming’s left hand rule and finding the direction of force, we can find that they are acting as two forces repelling each other. So, we can conclude that anti-parallel currents repel each other.

Which between the two does not allow electrical charges to flow easily?

An electrical insulator is a material through which charge cannot flow easily. A metal wire is usually coated with plastic or rubber. The metal wire is an electrical conductor. The rubber and plastic are electrical insulators.

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Why does current not flow in insulator?

The electrons in the insulators are bound to each other so tightly that there are no free electrons available for the movement. And that’s how the electricity cannot be passed through them.