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Why do musicians marry musicians?

Why do musicians marry musicians?

It is common for musicians to befriend and date other musicians, and maybe even marry them if they’re really nuts. The simplest explanation is that musicians meet and get to know one another in the professional field, and that includes music schools.

Do musicians marry other musicians?

It is common for musicians to befriend and date other musicians, and maybe even marry them if they’re really nuts.

Can two artists be in a relationship?

What I learned was that two emotionally healthy artists can thrive together. We both understand the value of focusing on yourself and your personal health. In fact, we know it’s really the best thing anyone can do for married life. That’s how I see healthy married life or any close relationship.

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Why you should date a musician?

After all a music is the ultimate form of expression. Music can get you through bad breakups, make you want to sing when you’re in love, and help you get your sassy on when you’re getting ready to go out. Dating someone who creates the tunes we live by is exciting and romantic.

Can musicians have relationships?

Dating a musician is often considered to be a bad move by many. Then again, the same can be said about dating a writer. However, it is absolutely possible to have a great relationship with a musician if you know how to handle it.

Why do artists never marry?

Some artists just have a passion for freedom and untethered expression, characteristics that do not align with marriage. They may prefer multiple, less serious relationships throughout their lives. Others live alternative lifestyles make it hard to form serious bonds.

Why you should marry an artist?

Marry an artist because they will not be afraid to speak their mind or their heart. They will teach their partner to follow their heart, no matter the cost. They will bring out the emotional, genuine side of even a partner that initially tries to hide their true feelings.

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Do men respond to female musicians differently than women?

It’s pretty surreal that women’s bodies would respond so powerfully and seemingly unconsciously to music in these ways — and it seems likely that male bodies would similarly respond to skill in female musicians.

Why do we make music?

Two words: music evolution. Charles Darwin dealt with a lot of complicated questions in his life, but when it came to why man makes music, he was absolutely sure: “for the sake of charming the opposite sex.”

Is there more to music than meets the ear?

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the very strange relationship of music to sexuality. It’s clear, though, that there’s more to music than meets the ear.

What do musicians experience when they hear music?

All of the musicians also said that they experienced unusual perceptions— meaning that they had perceptually rich experiences that reflected a high level of sensory sensitivity, such as “hearing the confluence of a multitude of sounds and tonal qualities that make up a single bell chime.”