Why is Verlisify so bad?

Why is Verlisify so bad?

The biggest reasons are that he’s anti-Smogon and anti-hacking, and very vocal about it, to the point where he’s done multiple videos attacking people over his opinions. He’s also featured this very forum in his videos and attacked users here. So that may be another reason he’s unpopular on GameFAQs. I should go.

Why did Verlisify get banned from Twitter?

They could just be randomly placed there, but that wouldn’t make for a good video. A whole Twitter account has been created just to fact check Verlis and his videos. In a comment on that recent video, Verlis said the reason for his Twitter suspension was “I called too many people idiots or something.”

Is Verlisify a furry?

In addition to being involved in the Pokémon community, Tony is also a part of the Furry community although he doesn’t make videos relating to it.

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What is Adrives real name?

Daniel Clap
Daniel Clap, also known as aDrive, was born on February 16, 1991, in North Carolina.

What happened to Pokemon unite?

The game was released for the Nintendo Switch on 21 July 2021, and was released for Android and iOS in 73 countries on 22 September 2021….

Pokémon Unite
Platform(s) Android iOS Nintendo Switch
Release Nintendo Switch 21 July 2021 Android, iOS 22 September 2021

What happened to PokeTips YouTube?

PokeTips stopped uploading from November 11, 2020 to February 25, 2021, as he was in the process of moving. He came back to YouTube on February 26, 2021, with a livestream reacting to the Feb. 26 Pokémon Presents.

Who is Adrives wife?

More videos on YouTube Baby Dallas Rose was born on Friday and is happy and healthy! We are home now and settling in, excited to start this new journey together as a family. Today, aDrive lives in Connecticut with his wife Dani, his daughter Dallas Rose, and their dog, Lilli.

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How much money does aDrive make?

aDrive is estimated to have over 10,000 subscribers and attracts ~550 viewers per broadcast. This means that he earns at least $25,000 USD per month.

Is Pokemon unite worth it?

Verdict – Is Pokemon Unite worth your time? Pokemon Unite is a must-play for die-hard Pokemon Fans. It’ll be refreshing for everyone to play a Pokemon game in a MOBA format. Even though some say that the pay-to-win aspect is unfair to some players, it’s really easy to look past it.

How much money does PokeTips make?

$3.3K – $74K.