Why my Airtel SIM is not connecting to 4G?

Why my Airtel SIM is not connecting to 4G?

You just have to ensure that the Airtel 4G SIM is inserted in the SIM slot with data capability and select the “4G/3G/2G (Auto)” as the preferred network mode. Follow these steps to enable the same – Settings -> SIM networks -> Preferred network type -> .

How can I fix Airtel 4G network problem?

Setup Reliance Aitel Internet Settings on Windows smartphone

  1. Go to settings & click on “mobile+GSM” option.
  2. Set Data roaming option to Don’t Roam.
  3. Set connection speed to 4G.
  4. Go back and go to the “Access point” option.
  5. Now click on Add icon.
  6. Connection Name: Airtel.
  7. Set APN to –

Can I use Airtel 4G in slot 2?

yes, if you switch to other sim such as airtel jio will go no service. its only because only one sim can be at 4g both sims cant be at 4g. if sim 1 you have enabled 4g then sim 2 will be at 3g or 2g and that is how it works for other phones as well.

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Can not connect Airtel network?

For those using Android phones, please go to Settings>More>Mobile networks>Access Point Names>Menu> Now try to create a new apn and type in the Airtel APN Settings that you have seen from above. Save, Restart the phone and Test the connection.

Which APN is best for Airtel 4G?

In general, APN stands for Access Point Name. It provides all information which is necessary for your device to connect with the mobile data….Airtel APN Settings 5G Volte 2021.

Airtel APN Settings 4G/3G/5G Details to Fill
Connection Name Airtel Net
APN (Access Point Names)
Port 8080

Why is my 4G LTE not working?

First, toggle on and off the Airplane mode. On most Android phones, you can toggle on/off the airplane mode from the Quick Settings panel. If not, you may go to Settings → Mobile Networks → Airplane mode. Turn on Airplane mode for about 30 seconds or more. Turn it off again to reconnect your network.

How do I enable dual 4G?

How do I enable dual SIM dual VoLTE? Method 1: Toggle on the Dual SIM 4G switch. Go to Settings > Wireless & networks > Dual card management > Dual SIM 4G, and toggle on the Dual SIM 4G switch to enable 4G for your secondary SIM card.

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How can I activate Airtel 4G sim?

Easy steps for Airtel 4G SIM activation

  1. SMS the 20 digit SIM number from your existing Airtel connection to 121.
  2. Reply typing 1 to confirm your request.
  3. Wait for some time for the phone to get disconnected from the network.
  4. Remove the old SIM and insert the new SIM in the slot.
  5. Switch on the phone and wait for 5 minutes.

Does APN affect Internet speed?

No. It will not damage or affect the phone or SIM. If you have any problems, go back to your old APN (or other). The only thing changing the APN can affect your ability to send/receive MMS and the data speed (which you are already seeing improvement).

How do I force VoLTE to enable?

Enable VoLTE on an Android

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap Network & Internet.
  3. Tap Call.
  4. Tap to enable VoLTE / HD Voice/ Enhanced calling.

Why doesn’t Airtel 4G automatically switch to 3G on calls?

Buddy you should be aware that Airtel 4G doesn’t yet support VoLTE (Voice over LTE) as of now. So, basically when you are on 4G and your phone cannot automatically switch to 3G while calls come, it will notify the caller that your phone is out of reach. Sometimes when 4G is available it happens that cellphone doesn’t switch to 3G on calls.

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How to get Airtel 4G internet APN settings for iPhone?

How To Get Airtel 4G Internet APN Settings For iPhone, iPad: Follow the below steps to get Airtel 4G Internet Settings on your Iphone and Ipads. Go to Settings> General> Network. Under “Network” settings select “Cellular Data Network”. Add APN. Leave Username and Password blank.

Is it possible to use Airtel Sim and internet at the same time?

Not only on Airtel, all companies at least as of now that I am writing the answer, on all Sims, except Reliance Jio, you cannot use Internet and Call service at the same time. Maybe you can receive some WhatsApp messages, but you cannot surf.

Do you know Airtel doesn’t have LTE VoLTE yet?

Do you know that Airtel doesn’t have LTE VoLTE yet and only has 4G for surfing while it uses 2G/3G network for calls/sms. Blaming the phone when you don’t know how to use it and don’t have info about current affairs of telecom operators.