Does KIIT refund admission fees?

Does KIIT refund admission fees?

If I choose to withdraw my application for admission, will I get a total refund? Refund of fee is as per our refund rules.

How do I get a refund from KIIT university?

Refund will be made only after the candidate has surrendered the ID card, Original Fee Receipt, Allotment letter, Fee estimate letter and the dues clearance certificate along with the hard copy of the refund application form generated after applying online.

Can I cancel my admission after registration?

You can give the college authority a letter in detail stating that you want to cancel the admission in the college. Take an acknowledgement from the college after giving this letter request them to return your documents if they don’t return then you will have to file a petition against the college authority.

Is 75k refundable in KIIT?

KIIT, Bhubaneswar charges around INR 75,000 at the time of counselling which has to be paid through Demand Draft. This fees includes approx. INR 10,000 as counselling registration charges which is non refundable.

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Can admission fee be refunded?

In a letter to the Vice Chancellors of all universities and Principals of all colleges, the UGC has said, “In view of the financial hardships being faced by parents due to lockdowns and related factors, a full refund of fees should be made on account of all cancellations of admissions/ migrations of students up to …

What is the admission cancellation process?

For the cancellation of admission, a candidate has to apply in the prescribed form duly signed by him/her and counter signed by his/her parent/guardian at respective Institute. 2. The candidate has to submit the original fee receipt & photocopy of “No-Due” (Original submit at respective Institute) along with the form.

How do I get a refund from university?

What is the procedure to Get Refund the Fee

  1. Write a request letter to the college principal, by mentioning the reason why you want to get the refund.
  2. After approval, show the fee payment receipts to the administration department to get the refund.
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Can I get a refund from university?

His £9,000 a year fees bought him five hours of lectures and seminars a week – in some cases, he claims, taught by uninterested postgrads – and just one hour a week of individual contact time with his tutor.

How can I get my fees refund from KIIT University?

If you have not decided to take admission in kiit your fees will be refunded by deducting 10 thousand approximately.You have to apply fees refund form given on kiitee website when after admission process ended you have to fill necessary details like name of candidate ,fathers name,application no,etc

How do I get my KIIT counselling fees refunded?

Go to KIIT website, click the link for refund /cancellation , enter your bank details (student should have bank account) and thats it. You will get refund in 4 weeks This happens only once the admission process is over . You have an option of applying for refund of your counselling fees (10000 is non refundable out of 75000) online.

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What is the last date to apply for KIIT University?

The last date to receive application form for candidates applying through CAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT, GMAT or ATMA will be around the third week of November 2021. The application form should be submitted to the director of Admissions, KIIT in person or by post. For KIIT University application form, the application fee is 1,250 INR.

What is the admission procedure for MTech in KIIT University?

The admission to the various M.Tech programs of KIIT is through the KIITEE examination arranged by the institution. Students who have a valid gate score will be given preference for admission. Candidates with a GATE score of more than 400 will be exempted from writing the KIITEE.