Is 1 month enough for MHT CET?

Is 1 month enough for MHT CET?

Preparing for MHT CET in 30 days is not a challenging task with a good preparation strategy and study plan….MHT CET 2020 One Month (30 Days) Timetable.

Total No. Of Days Left for the Exam 30
Total No. Of Days for Practicing Mock Tests and Sample Papers 8 Days

Can we complete CET 1 month?

CET is your primary focus: Preparing for CET in a month is doable if you dedicate all your time to it for a month. With the volume of content, you have to cover, you need to dedicate an equivalent amount of time.

How can I crack CET in one month?

MAH CET 2021 Preparation Tips for Last Month

  1. Make a Daily Planner.
  2. Avoid Starting Any New Topic.
  3. Focus only on Major Topics.
  4. Improve Accuracy by Practice.

How can I get 150 marks in MHT CET?

To score more than 150, you will need to focus on other topics that are mentioned in the syllabus of MHT CET and practice the maximum number of mock tests.

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Is Cracking Mhcet easy?

The difficulty level of the exam is almost equivalent to that of JEE Main. Candidates need a good preparation strategy to crack the exam. Before starting their preparation, aspirants must have detailed knowledge of the MHT CET 2021 exam pattern and syllabus.

How can I get 190 in MHT CET?

If you wanna score 190+ as you said, you must study basics of every chapter and dont skip any chapter if you are expecting high score. If you follow them you will definitely get above 190. First of all you need to do mathematics as MHT CET has mathematics for 100 marks.

What is 99 percentile in MHT CET?

percentile. Here is previous year marks vs percentile: According to MH-CET 2018 results, a score between 165 (Highest) – 149 is equivalent to 99.99 percentile, a score of 136 is equivalent to 99.88 percentile and a score of 113 is equivalent to 98.07 percentile.

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What is a good score in CET?

A rank above 40,000 or percentile above 70 in MHT CET can be considered good for admission in good government or private institutions.

How do you score 190 in MHT CET?